Monitoring dashboards
A key feature in any computing platform is the ability for users to monitor their applications to check performance metrics, possible errors in the deployment, and refactoring/rescaling needs. It is also of great use to be able to create alerting rules to notify them and the refactoring engine wh
The Beta Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects
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Nicolas Ferry is an Associate Professor at University Côte d'Azur. Prior he was a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Nice.
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Read this post and learn how in SODALITE we assists users in the creation of complex application deployment models.
With the growing importance of DevOps roles in technological companies, bringing closer together development teams and operation teams, deployments are more frequent. As a result, possible security holes appear more often.
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In recent years, an increasing interest in evidence-based computer-aided approaches to address global challenges (GC) including climate modeling and prediction of migration flows arose.
Cloud computing is a megatrend that is a key enabler for data-driven innovation. It is expected to bring enormous benefits for citizens as stated in the recent EC Communication on Shaping Europe’s digital future.
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SODALITE aims to provide an optimized, highly resilient heterogeneous execution environment enabling operational transparency between Cloud and HPC infrastructures.
busses, such as PCI or USB
In the last article we introduced the use of devicetree-derived node labels for labelling static features of Edge Gateways but observed that this was not a complete labelling solution given its lack of support for the identification and labelling of devices attached to enumerable busses, such as PCI or USB
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Find your book to read in your holidays, find new inspiration and prepare yourself for going back to the routine when vacation is ended up. Enjoy!
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The ISC-HPC is one of the most impactful European industrial events dedicated to HPC, connecting more than three thousand practitioners and users, and including about 160 exhibitors.
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The SODALITE blog is back again. We deliver monthly posts trying to convey the best of our updates and advances to our audience. This time, Karim Djemame (University of Leeds) visited us and left feedback on the relevant challenges within heterogeneity in complex systems.
Pain in the lower back and other symptoms are some of the most prevalent health problems experienced by the populations of developed nation.
Heterogeneous Edge Gateways
Within the SODALITE H2020 project, one of the areas we are focusing on is the deployment of optimized containers with accelerator-specific ML models for Edge-based inference across heterogeneous Edge Gateways in a Connected Vehicle Fleet.
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SODALITE is building a scalable tool to exploit the mountain images from web cams and user photos to estimate the snow pack in predict water availability in Alpine lakes.
The back-end for practically any new software application domain, from healthcare to aerospace, is in the data centre.
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In recent years, the global market has seen a tremendous rise in utility computing, which serves as the back-end for practically any new technology, methodology or application-level advancement, from healthcare to aerospace.
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One aspect of Sodalite is to monitor the usage of the resources on a Cluster and to use that information to adjust applications and their deployment to improve their performance.
The structure of the feed-forward artificial deep neural network (DNN)
Artificial Intelligence, the attempt to create an intelligent agent, gained popularity with the success of AlexNet for image recognition in 2012. The proposed combination of stacked neural networks (called Deep Neural network) and the use of GPUs to drastically reduce network training times compared to previous iterations, led to a boom in the use of such networks for image recognition and speech recognition.
the meaning of software engineering sodalite blog
This post is about Software Engineering and its perception in the technical field. You may remember that we launched a survey, where we tried to identify and better understand the role of Software Engineering in different technology sectors.