Lead Partner: XLAB

Contributors: XLAB, ATOS, POLIMI


Pain / Gain

  • Problem: Difficulty of manual deployments
  • Solution: Providing the means to the automation of the deployment of infrastructure 
  • Value: Offering of IaC, choice between various HPC environments and scalability of HPC applications


  • Functionality: Provides a framework for the usage of IaC and concepts of modelling application deployment. support for modelling infrastructure applications and refactoring possibilities through the usage of extensive TOSCA and Ansible parameterized libraries. There are versions of the orchestrator and of ALDE that are available to serve as demonstrators, combined with the image builder component. 
  • Technology: Based on innovative technologies to ensure deployment, orchestration and provisioning, relying on mature technologies including the xOpera orchestrator and the application lifecycle management ALDE. 
  • Status: SODALITE functional API design provides a nice and clear separation of concerns between components so that the components may be used as a complete distribution, introduced into a separate cluster of connected components or used separately. All the components provide solid documentation and examples on how to integrate with. Plans for the third year have been set up to provide advanced support for a generalization of deployment on HPC clusters, further improve Kubernetes deployments and enable OpenFaaS function as a service deployment making the offering the best and the most lightweight pick among similar TOSCA standard-compliant solutions.

What's Unique

  • Differentiator: Enables the truly concurrent provisioning and configuration of infrastructure and deployment of applications supports full or partial redeployment and refactoring of the TOSCA blueprints while similar TOSCA orchestrators support only partially parallel execution of the blueprints and partial redeployments only on a paid version tier
  • Innovation: Supports the heterogeneity of the building process using IaC and TOSCA with the orchestrator for building heterogeneous runtime images, allowing execution of infrastructure provisioning and configuration combined with application deployment and configuration on a spectrum of heterogeneous infrastructures ranging from private and public cloud to HPC environments, including full or partial redeployment and parallel deployment execution.
  • Partnerships: While XLAB and ATOS are strong partners in the context of orchestration and lifecycle management, POLIMI is a strong research partner much engaged in IaC.