• Problem

    The complexity of deploying and operating modern applications onto heterogeneous HPC and Cloud-based software-defined infrastructures

  • Solution

    Increasing design and runtime effectiveness of software-defined infrastructures, to ensure high-performance execution over dynamic heterogeneous execution environments

  • Value

    Simplified modeling of application and infrastructure, with a focus on the performance of deployed applications


  • Functionality

    End-to-end solution based on a toolset for simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution of heterogeneous applications

  • Technology

    A complete set of tools and software components, joining all SODALITE elements under one brand and allowing the project to present its outputs in full

  • Innovation

    Enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation, and execution of heterogeneous applications reflecting diverse circumstances over heterogeneous, software-defined, high-performance, cloud infrastructures

  • Heterogeneity
  • Security, Privacy & Policy
  • Semantic Intelligence
  • Quality of Service
  • Smart ide

    Application Deployment Modelling & IaC Modelling

  • Mooring

    Depolyment OrchestratiOn pRovisIoniNG

  • FindlaCBug

    Verification and Bug Prediction

  • Refit

    monitoring & rEconFiguraTion

  • Poet

    PerfOrmancE opTimization

Benefits of using SODALITE

  • Performance

    Performance-centric application deployment management

  • Cost / Time

    Cost and time reduction in application deployment and managem

  • Support

    Support for a variety of infrastructures including AWS, Torque/Slurm on EGI/HLRS, OpenStack, Kubernetes and GPUs in the Cloud

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