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ISBN: 978-3-031-04960-6 Under publication in the PoliMI SpringerBriefs serie - Springer Nature Switzerland AG The SODALITE H2020 project aims at offering a contribution to this endeavour by offering a smart development environment for IaC and corresponding tools to support the automation of various deployment and operation phases. The aim of this book is to describe the approach and toolset proposed by this project. It presents also some case studies that show the practical utility of the approach and hints for the usage of SODALITE in other cases.
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The European Commission-funded project SODALITE just made available a complete set of software components to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution of applications over heterogeneous software-defined infrastructures targeting multi-cloud, edge computing and HPC
SODALITE Exploitation team has developed a survey to evaluate the perceived value of the innovation in relation to the benefits of each one of SODALITE's Key Exploitable Results (KERs):
ETP4HPC Handbook
ETP4HPC – the European Technology Platform (ETP) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) - is a private, industry-led and non-profit association.
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SODALITE is sharing in this article its approach to Towards Automated Optimization of HPC Application Deployment.
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This is the second version of our white paper, here we detail more the advances achieved so far by our technical team and give some priority to our Use Cases where the toolset of SODALITE is tested.
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The ETP4HPC 2020 Handbook is at your hand!
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This year 2020, our meetings seem to turn into virtual arrangements. This month of June, the General Assembly of the project SODALITE took place.
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This is the second webinar of SODALITE, this time the objective is showing the tools used to deploy and make it possible the solution to easy developers processes.
In this webinar, the main advantages of SODALITE will be outlined as well as its solution which aims to easy the way developers can deploy applications in HPC, Cloud and Edge complex context.
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After the Summer, the SODALITE Consortium met in Milano on its second General Assembly.
The second General Assembly meeting was hosted by XLAB in Ljubljana on June 19th and 20th, 2019.
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