SODALITE Final Event: Project results, use cases, and best practices

Increasing design and runtime effectiveness of software-defined infrastructures over dynamic heterogeneous execution environments

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 | 11:30 - 14:00 | Virtual Workshop

ETP4HPC 2021

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Sodalite has been mentioned in this year's ETP4HPC Handbook magazine

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Use case: Vehicle IoT

The Vehicle IoT use case builds on ADTP’s KnowGo Car data management and services platform for connected vehicles.

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Now available!

This is the new white paper of the project consortium showing the new stuff related to DevOps and business advances to maximize the impact of SODALITE"

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SODALITE featured in HiPEAC Magazine

The last HiPEAC 2021 Conference, a workshop with the Heterogeneity Alliance and much more is shared in this chapter at the HiPEAC Info Magazine 62 edition


And play with our code!!

Here you can find all the code development of the SODALITE project.

The project aims to simplify modelling of application and infrastructure with a focus on performance of deployed applications.


The SODALITE value

  • Effectiveness

    increase, by means of optimisation, applications’ effectiveness, that is, the ratio between performance of abstracted and deployed application.

  • Flexibility

     flexibility means simplicity to deploy an application onto different compute targets (e.g., x86, arm, gpu, fpga) and with response times for actual deployment

  • Deployment Continuity

    enabling static optimisation of the so-abstracted applications onto specific infrastructures
  • Speed

    from the software providers perspective, reduce the times for software development, packaging, and deployment of applications requiring software-defined heterogeneous HPC.



In recent years, the global market has seen a tremendous rise in utility computing, which serves as the back-end for practically any new technology, methodology or advancement from healthcare to aerospace. As part of that market, however, many trends, such  as Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), promise to push the resources of the EU off the rails if these trends’ requirements are not properly managed and supported by needed specific ICT software technology.

SODALITE vision is to support Digital Transformation of European Industry through increasing design and runtime effectiveness of software-defined infrastructures, to ensure high-performance execution over dynamic heterogeneous execution environments; increasing simplicity of modelling applications and infrastructures, to improve manageability, collaboration, and time to market. This  is achieved by providing application developers and infrastructure operators with tools that abstract their application and infrastructure requirements to  enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation, and execution of heterogeneous applications reflecting diverse circumstances over heterogeneous, software-defined, high-performance, cloud infrastructures, with a particular focus on performance, quality, manageability, and reliability.


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The European Commission-funded project SODALITE just made available a complete set of software components to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution of applications over heterogeneous software-defined infrastructures targeting multi-cloud, edge computing and HPC

SODALITE Exploitation team has developed a survey to evaluate the perceived value of the innovation in relation to the benefits of each one of SODALITE's Key Exploitable Results (KERs):

ETP4HPC Handbook

ETP4HPC – the European Technology Platform (ETP) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) - is a private, industry-led and non-profit association.

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SODALITE is sharing in this article its approach to Towards Automated Optimization of HPC Application Deployment.
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This is the second version of our white paper, here we detail more the advances achieved so far by our technical team and give some priority to our Use Cases where the toolset of SODALITE is tested

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The External Advisory Board

An External Point of View

The scope of the EAB is to cover all aspects of the project, from technology development to market strategy and business modelling, to securing IPR and developing short to medium term postproject strategies.

Nicolas Ferry
Université Côte d'Azur
Associate Professor at Université Côte d'Azur Linkedin
SODALITE has the potential to deliver solid innovations, validated in large pilots, towards the deployment and operation of the next generation of applications that will run on heterogeneous HPC and Cloud resources.
Andreas Metzger
U. Duisburg-Essen
Head of Adaptive Systems and Big Data Applications at paluno; Deputy Secretary General at BDVA; NESSI SC Vice Chair Linkedin
The SODALITE outcomes are an impressive next step to facilitate efficiently deploying and operating complex, adaptive software across the whole compute continuum.
Mark Parsons
Professor at EPCC at The University of Edinburgh