Tangible business value

  • Effectiveness

    increase, by means of optimisation, applications’ effectiveness, that is, the ratio between performance of abstracted and deployed application.

  • Flexibility

     flexibility means simplicity to deploy an application onto different compute targets (e.g., x86, arm, gpu, fpga) and with response times for actual deployment

  • Deployment Continuity

    enabling static optimisation of the so-abstracted applications onto specific infrastructures
  • Speed

    from the software providers perspective, reduce the times for software development, packaging, and deployment of applications requiring software-defined heterogeneous HPC.

Latest News

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After the Summer, the SODALITE Consortium met in Milano on its second General Assembly. In short, the meeting was a great success, as there were breakthroughs in the understanding of the common concepts, user-side requirements and presentations and of course, of everything that is under the hood of SODALITE platform.
The second General Assembly meeting was hosted by XLAB in Ljubljana on June 19th and 20th, 2019.
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