This time we had the pleasure to have a short interview with our colleague from ReachOut.

What is a “ReachOut”?

Is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) helping H2020 projects in the area of software technologies to implement beta-testing campaigns? ReachOut act as an operational intermediary between research projects and the open market. ReachOut helps research projects implement beta testing best practices and recruit beta-testers by running promotion initiatives. ReachOut helps develop connections between research projects and potential users and beta-testers.

What are the main benefits of this platform?

ReachOut helps European research projects and European SMEs to implement beta-testing campaigns and recruit beta-testers by running promotion initiatives. The team in ReachOut develops connections between software designers and potential users and beta testers.

There are some requirements?

The only requirement for a campaign manager is to spend some time preparing a simple testing scenario, customizing a questionnaire, then register his beta software. The ReachOut platform is providing the required set of communication kits and pre-configured integrated web services.

Presently, a ReachOut test{fest} invites beta testers to evaluate as much innovative software as they wish and share their impressions, with honors and monetary prizes to win until June 13.

How many people are involved in the project?

The three partners in the ReachOut project are :
1. Fraunhofer Fokus (Germany) is the coordinator of ReachOut and the largest organisation for applied research in Europe. 

2. OW2 (France) is a well established and recognized non-profit organization coordinating the largest independent open source infrastructure software community in Europe. 

3. UShareSoft, now Moonshot Labs (France) is an ISV helping cloud providers, enterprises and other ISVs to deliver and manage their applications. 

ReachOut is a market-oriented Coordination and Support Action with funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement: 825307.

Where can we obtain more details about the service, active campaigns etc?

For more information, please visit :