Joao Costa

In this final reporting period we conclude the research and development with excellent results, and present the final business plans in the light of the identified opportunities and the individual/joint exploitation plans of the consortium partners. We have achieved great results from the project’s communication campaigns and pitch activities, communicating the SODALITE value message to stakeholders and targeted audiences. We were also very successful in our dissemination activities in highly-ranked conferences, industry events and through research papers, highlighting the role of SODALITE in the European software industry. 

To better capture the momentum of SODALITE we have intensified our impact generation activities. This was retracted by the well-established relations built within specific project tasks including exploitation, communication, dissemination and IPR management, to implement the appropriate marketing campaigns based on the redefined value message of the SODALITE stacks, their Key Exploitable Results definition building on a robust IPR management, or to build the liaison bridges between SODALITE and impactful European initiatives as, e.g., EGI, EOSC or GAIA-X.

Following the great technical accomplishments that shape the SODALITE end-to-end solution, we finalised the content definition for each of theKey Exploitable Results (KERs) and the exploration of their value proposition that fed the KER-specific white space analysis, market assessment and business development (in the light of indirect relations with the Horizon Results Booster initiative). We also explored the modularity and compatibility of these KERs through the analysis of the innovations that they represent. 

Exploitation opportunities derive from the ongoing collaborations between SODALITE and its liaisons, where PIACERE, GAIA-X, EGI and EOSC take the most relevant role in what regards the sustainability strategy that relies on the momentum created, the further individual exploitation of the consortium partners, and the impact in the better positioning of the business case of the SODALITE use cases.

The excellent dissemination achievements during the life of the project include 30 research papers, 34 conference participations, the rich content of 32 blog posts (12 of which by guest bloggers),  9 training activities, and a handbook dedicated to SODALITE to be published by Springer. Moreover, SODALITE’s final event, colocated at the Horizon Cloud Summit 2021, was a great success with the active participation of the audience (even though the COVID-19 webinar exhaustion) and closed a cycle of highly relevant marketing and communication campaigns engaging all of the consortia and greatly contributing for the SODALITE momentum created.