Luciano Baresi (POLIMI), Elisabetta Di Nitto (POLIMI), Kamil Tokmakov (USTUTT), Anastasios Karakostas (CERTH), Stefanos Vrochidis (CERTH), Dragan Radolović (XLAB) 

This document sets some rules and guidelines on how contributors can support the development of the SODALITE platform, how the SODALITE software is organized in various related open source repositories, and the practical
procedures to be used to propose changes and to see them accepted by the SODALITE team.
Consistently to these goals, this document provides a centralized and detailed presentation of how SODALITE aims to create, maintain, and manage the open-source communities behind the project. Version and configuration management in SODALITE is heavily based on GitHub. The project plans to adopt all the tools it offers besides version management; GitHub will also be used for tracking issues and requests.