Luciano Baresi (POLIMI), Elisabetta Di Nitto (POLIMI), Alexander Maslennikov (XLAB), Dragan Radolović (XLAB), Alfio Lazzaro (HPE), Jesús Gorroñogoitia (Atos)

This deliverable is the continuation of deliverable D2.1 and provides the consolidated evolution of requirements, KPIs, evaluation plan and architecture over the second year. More specifically, it presents the current status of the requirements identified in the original document, along with the new use case and new requirements highlighted in the second year. It provides a new description of the architecture of the SODALITE environment, where we identify the major changes we applied in the second phase of the project and also the new elements that have been released since the first milestone. The architecture described here complies with the release of the SODALITE environment at month 24, that is, Milestone MS6. As for KPIs, we now provide a detailed, ameliorated description of each KPI, its scope, and the evaluation workflow we have put in place.