Luciano Baresi; Elisabetta Di Nitto; Panos Mitzias; Dragan Radolović; Kalman Meth; Yosu Gorroñogoitia; Román Sosa González; Javier Carnero; Kamil Tokmakov; Indika Kumara; Karthee Sivalingam; Adrian Tate; Paul Mundt; Daniel Frajberg; Piero Fraternali; Roci

The UML use cases and the architecture presented in this deliverable have been defined with the contribution of all partners in the project and constitute the main guidelines that will steer the work in the technical work packages during the first iteration in the project. Both UML use cases and architecture will be treated as living artifacts and will be evolved and updated on the basis of the new findings that will arise through the project. Any evolution will be reported in the new releases of this document (D2.2 and D2.3). This document has been written in parallel with D6.1 and is complementary to that one. In particular, D6.1, among the other data, provides a list of the used technologies with the corresponding references, the time plan for the development of the SODALITE platform, as well as the implementation plan of the SODALITE case studies, and describes how the SODALITE case studies plan to cover the UML use cases defined in this document.