María Carbonell (ATOS), Paul Mundt (ADAPTANT), Irene Ferrario (CRAY-HPE), Joao Pita Costa (XLAB), Panos Mitzias (CERTH), Indika Kumara (JADS), Elisabetta Di Nitto (POLIMI), Michael Gienger (HLRS)

This document provides a wide view of the extent of communication and dissemination strategy of SODALITE, during 36 months of the project duration. Furthermore, a detailed list of channels, media and tools used to manage properly the objectives of this strategy is provided. Moreover, this version reveals information about the WP7, where Communication and Dissemination activities are included, due to this content is also needed to understand the sense of Communication and Dissemination across the whole project. Twitter, marketing printed material, Website, conferences, press releases, among others are presented in the document, as well.