Kalman Meth (IBM) Indika Kumara (JADS) Zoe Vasileiou, Vasileios-Rafahl Xefteris, Savvas Tzanakis, Anastasios Karakostas, Spyridon Symeonidis (CERTH) Jesús Gorroñogoitia, Lucas Pelegrin (ATOS)
Giovanni Quattrocchi (POLIMI) Dragan Radolović, Nejc Bat (XLAB) Alfio Lazzaro (HPE) Saloni Kyal (POLIMI) Paul Mundt (ADPT)

The SODALITE Framework is the software system that includes all SODALITE stable components. This deliverable includes the description of the software that makes up the SODALITE stack, while the actual software is available through the GitHub SODALITE repository ( The document thus serves as an accompanying textual document, describing the components delivered by the SODALITE consortium at the end of the second year of the project. This document updates the status reported in D6.5 - SODALITE Framework - First Version. This comprises what has been achieved for the second SODALITE prototype embodied in Milestone 6 (MS6) of the project which was defined as: First advanced features, more integrated prototype running. Use-Cases are clearly improved. Second public release of the complete stack.

The SODALITE architecture is divided into 3 main layers: Modelling Layer, Infrastructure as Code Layer and Runtime Layer. This document summarizes the available stable components in each of these layers, and points to instructions on how these components can be accessed and built.

In addition to the updated status of each of the components, this document adds a section (section 2) outlining the improvements in this release of the SODALITE stack.

This document represents the status at the end of Year 2 of the project and will be updated with a future release of the framework at the end of Year 3 (D6.7 - SODALITE framework - Final version).