Ralf Schneider; Kamil Tokmakov; Dimitris Liparas; Dennis Hoppe; Kalman Meth; Elisabetta Di Nitto; Paul Mundt; Román Sosa González; Airán González Gómez; Mario Matínez Requena;
Yosu Gorroñogoitia; Dragan Radolović; Piero Fraternali; Rocio Nahime Torres; Georgios Meditskos,; Stefanos Vrochidis; Karthee Sivalingam; Indika Kumara

In this deliverable, we report on our key contributions towards the implementation and evaluation of the SODALITE platform and use cases. Whereas Deliverable D6.1 paved the way in M6 for the SODALITE platform by detailing the overall implementation plan and roadmap, we now report on the current status of implementation up to M12.

Overall, the SODALITE development environment composed of the testbeds, repositories and the continuous integration and deployment platform are set up and made accessible to developers and use case owners. Further, initial releases and developments were achieved across all three key layers of the SODALITE platform according to the implementation plan up to M12. Finally, the three use cases of SODALITE are already executed on the HPC/Cloud testbeds and have been used to experiment with the features offered by the layers of the SODALITE platform. This deliverable is part of a series, where the next iteration will focus on the implementation activities done in the period M12 to M24. Specifically, D6.3 will report on component integration, discussing additional

features of the SODALITE components and use cases, as well as a more in-depth evaluation of the improvements provided by the SODALITE platform for the use cases.