This deliverable presents the time plan for the development of the SODALITE platform, as well as
the implementation plan of the project’s use cases. This document is delivered in parallel to
deliverable D2.1 “Requirements, KPIs, evaluation plan and architecture - First version”, in which
the architecture components and their interactions are described in detail. More specifically, D6.1
provides a description of the technologies that we expect to use for the implementation of the
components constituting the SODALITE platform. Then the deliverable presents the implementation
timeline of the HPC and Cloud testbeds that will be provided for the experimentation with the
platform’s components. In addition, the document describes the provisioning and setup of the
project’s development infrastructure, followed by a timeline, defining the foreseen iterations of the
SODALITE platform. Finally, a description of the SODALITE use cases, along with their
implementation plan, is provided.