Luciano Baresi (POLIMI), Elisabetta Di Nitto (POLIMI), Giovanni Quattrocchi (POLIMI), Dragan Radolović (XLAB), Alexander Maslennikov (XLAB), Alfio Lazzaro (HPE), Jesús Gorroñogoitia (Atos), Jesús Ramos Rivas (Atos), Kamil Tokmakov (USTUTT)
Steven Presser (USTUTT), Zoe Vasileiou (CERTH), Nikolaidis Efstathios (CERTH), Dourvas Nikolaos (CERTH), Kalman Meth (IBM), Paul Mundt (ADPT), Indika Weerasingha Dewage (JADS)

This deliverable is the continuation and the last iteration of deliverables D2.1 and D2.2. It provides the final description of the requirements defined by the consortium and of their final status. It also supplies the final version of the architecture of the SODALITE framework, and the conclusive presentation of KPIs and their evaluation process. As for requirements, it summarises the requirements completed and deleted over the first two years, those completed, or that will be completed, in the third year, and the deviations we have identified. It refines the architecture of the proposed framework with the novel aspects emerged in the last year and a special emphasis on the security aspects, which are now better integrated with the different use cases. The architecture described here complies with the release of the SODALITE environment at month 30, that is, Milestone MS7 (Final Architecture). The work on our KPIs condenses what we did in the past two years, lists all KPIs, updates the evaluation plan, and focuses mainly on the automated assessment of the security vulnerabilities embedded in delivered artifacts.