• Towards Semantic Detection of Smells in Cloud Infrastructure Code

    10th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS) This paper presents our (SODALITE) knowledge-driven approach enabling developers to identify the smells in deployment descriptions /infrastructure codes. We detect smells with SPARQL-based rules over pattern-based OWL 2 knowledge graphs capturing deployment models.
    • Indika Kumara, Zoe Vasileiou, Georgios Meditskos, Damian A. Tamburri, Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel, Anastasios Karakostas, Stefanos Vrochidis, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
  • SDSN@RT: A middleware environment for single-instance multi tenant cloud application

    Journal of Software: Practice and Experience Volume49, Issue5, May 2019 Pages 813-839 The work presented in the mentioned paper reflects the state of art in multi-tenant cloud applications and microservices. It supported the preparation of the SODALITE proposal. The deployment refactoring task in the SODALITE adopts and extends the findings of the paper. Moreover, SODALITE case studies use microservice-based architectures. As the paper is a journal paper, no travel expenses have been claimed.
    • Indika Kumara
    • Jun Han
    • Alan Colman
    • Damian Tamburri
    • Willem‐Jan van den Heuve
    • Malinda Kapuruge
  • FM4SN: A Feature-Oriented Approach to Tenant-Driven Customization of Multi-Tenant Service Networks

    2019 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC) in Milan (Italy) The presented work includes a novel approach to customize and adapt (micro) service networks. The deployment refactoring support in the SODALITE adopts and extends this approach. Moreover, the two SODALITE use cases use microservice-based architectures.
    • Indika Kumara
    • Jun Han
    • Alan Colman
    • Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel
    • Damian Tamburri
  • AIOps for a Cloud Object Storage Service

    2019 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigDataCongress) in Milan (Italy). In this paper the authors share their experience applying the AIOps approach to a production cloud object storage service to get actionable insights into systems' behaviour and health. A real-life production cloud scale service and its operational data are described, the developed AIOps platform is presented, and it is shown how it has helped in resolving operational pain points.
    • Anna Levin
    • Shelly Garion
    •  lliot K. Kolodne
    • Dean H. Lorenz
    • Katherine Barabash
    • Mike Kugler
    • Niall McShane
  • A Case for Data Centre Traffic Management on Software Programmable Ethernet Switches

    IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking, 4-6 November 2019 in Coimbra (Portugal). This paper researched the issue with the vendor-independent programmability of traffic and buffer management of virtual switches in the cloud infrastructure, and proposed a way of how to implement this programmability with software-defined networking technologies, in particular with P4.
    • Kamil Tokmakov
    • Mitalee Sarker
    • Jörg Domaschka
    • Stefan Wesner
  • HyperSpark: A Data-Intensive Programming Environment for Parallel Metaheuristics.

    2019 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigDataCongress), pp. 85-92. IEEE, 2019 in Milan (Italy). The paper presents HyperSpark, which is an optimization framework for the scalable execution of user-defined, computationally-intensive heuristics. The deployment refactoring and optimization support of SODALITE adopts and extends some of meta-heuristics in HyperSpark.
    • Michele Ciavotta
    • Srdjan Krstić
    • Damian A. Tamburri
    • Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel