The 2019 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigData Congress 2019) is the emerging theme-topic conference for quantitative analysis over big datasets.
This conference aims to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to present latest research findings and practice on major and emerging topics in Big Data. In this forum submissions are encouraged that cover foundational advances in the four V's: volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. Of particular interest are papers that study the interplay of Big Data in the science and industry ecosystem, including infrastructure and frameworks, HPC, and AI.

Anna Levin from IBM Research - Haifa presented on "AIOps for a Cloud Object Storage Service" (Please, find the link below) In this paper the authors share their experience applying the AIOps approach to a production cloud object storage service to get actionable insights into systems' behavior and health.
A real-life production cloud scale service and its operational data are described, the developed AIOps platform is presented, and it is shown how it has helped in resolving operational pain points.