The European Research Institute in Service Science that participates in this project is hosted by the University of Tilburg (Netherlands). ERISS/UvT/UVT is a multi-disciplinary, internationally renowned research and development institute that is committed to pooling, coordinating and consolidating research activities in services and data science, management and engineering across Europe. To achieve multidisciplinary excellence, ERISS works closely with other research groups hosted by TiSEM, such as CentER, a world-class economics and business research institute. ERISS/UVT’ goal is to become the best education and research institute in the Netherlands and among the top five at the European level in data and services sciences.

ERISS undertakes research in service and data science, particularly in the areas of distrusted data management, smart data and services, and globally integrated networks of data and services, as well as quality of data-driven services as well as data-centric design and operation. The focus of research at ERISS is the real-world challenges facing service networks that demand the use of a wide range of multiple conceptual, methodological, and substantive approaches. Recently Tilburg University in cooperation with Eindhoven University launched the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (UVT) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch which is home to the Graduate School Data Science and Entrepreneurship. ERISS is an integral part of UVT and will link it with related activities in the ARTEMIS initiative - a multidisciplinary initiative aimed at improving cooperation, communication, and collaboration around societal-impact themes such as the ones covered in the SODALITE proposal.