HiPEAC is a European network of almost 2,000 world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives and students.

This year 2021, the first event organized will be deployed on virtual. In this event you will find the same as always, different Keynotes, different workshops and talks and the exhibition area with the difference that this year will be managed digitally, even their recruitment area to connect recruiters and students/job seekers will come up using this format. Last but not least, in parallel we will receive the Hipeac Info of the season.

In SODALITE, we will be participating in most of them. Basically, with three chairs to present several aspects of the toolset developed so far within the workshop of the Heterogeneity Alliance, a cluster of projects and companies pursuing new ways to face heterogeneous challenges, and SODALITE is already a member. Additionally, a virtual booth in company with such other entities and projects where we will dispose digital tools to stay in contact and share knowledge as outcomes. And finally, a review note of our project is already included in the next edition of seasonal magazine.

Stay tuned to get everything!