This 2020 is the year to celebrate the HCLOUD Summit- where experts and stakeholders across Europe can join the different sessions and deliver cloud computing oriented talks. 

In the two-days event, there are different rooms to discuss and establish the new european path towards the Cloud computing strategy for the upcoming years. Following the shape of the event, SODALITE will be present at one of the released panel discussions related to the theme 3 " Success stories, best practices and use cases for innovating through cloud adoption", one of our Use Cases will be at the center of this discussion. On 26th, at 14.10 hrs, if you feel like to participate, we facilitate the link to register below.

The registration to the event, free of charge, is currently open. It’s a unique opportunity to hear and discuss with European Commission officers and cloud computing experts, such as Andreas Weiss, EuroCloud Deutschland - Gaia-X; Ana Juan Ferrer, ATOS; Mark Lange, Microsoft; Gianluca Granero, Cubbit;  Simon Hinterholzer, Borderstep Institute and many more.

At your disposal, you can find the GreenPaper recently published by HCLOUD forum and the link to register.

See you there!

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