monitoRing & rEconFiguraTion

REFIT ensures the monitoring of system and network, collecting application-level and infrastructure-level metrics and events. These are used for reconfiguration and refactoring, decided and executed to alter the current deployment topology of an application and/or the quality and the configuration of infrastructure resources used by the application. It addresses the problem of monitoring data management coming from different sources is not an easy task. In particular, when identifying a network issue, it is hard to pinpoint the application that is causing the problem. Additionally, it is difficult to do an accurate selection of an appropriate set of deployment options for a given context (workload, user location) from many possible deployment options by balancing different non-functional requirements such as performance, cost, thermal energy, security risks, and privacy risks. We also address the problem of the dynamic discovery and use of deployment options as new options become available/unavailable/changed. The SODALITE monitoring technology collects, stores and aggregates data to simplify the access to it. For network monitoring, we use per-connection network metrics instead of just per network interface.

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Containarization, image building automation and deployment, analytics, cloud runtime efficiency, network monitoring, node management, highly dynamic environments, heterogeneity and automation, fast vertical scalability, control-theoretical planner, container reconfiguration, lightweight heuristics, GPU resource management, GPU resource scheduling, autoscaling, GPU sharing