DanielVladušič; Paul Mundt; Piero Fraternali; Ralf Schneider,; Stratos Kontopoulos; Indika Kumara; Kalman Meth; Román Sosa González

This deliverable holds the Data Management plan for the SODALITE project. The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the data used and generated in the SODALITE project, as well as the extentto which these data are expanded upon throughout the duration of the project. This plan will be reported upon and updated within the yearly Periodic Project Reports. The data collected and described in this deliverable consists of the input data used by different use cases, the actual raw data to be produced by our experiments (i.e., measurements, results) and any other associated data. The document holds the tables with descriptions of the internally generated data, external data, as it is used by the project and lastly, the open-access policy descriptions for publications and pre-prints, as reported by the partners of the project.